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About The Maison Lafitte

The Maison Lafitte was built in the late 1800’sand is listed on the National Register of Historical Places. Some have called it the Moore House, the Johnson House, or Maison Lafitte. It is now called The Maison Lafitte  and serves as a special event facility holding up to 300 people.The elements of the home give it a warm feeling, yet also make it an outstanding event facility. The home features over 3,900 square feet of living area, as well as 1,500-square-foot of porch that wraps around most of the home. The home also includes a large central fireplace, a second-floor landing that leads to the third-floor, and a rooftop garden. The renovated Maison Lafitte home also includes a commercial kitchen, so that catering for any event can be prepared right at the facility.

The Maison Lafitte

The structure of the building gives it that timeless feel. The building is constructed of heart pine, a hard wood found in most buildings of its time. This hardy wood has allowed Maison Lafitte to withstand the test of time. The exterior is mostly white with large columns along the porch. The side yard contains a beautiful gazebo, nestled among the oak and crepe myrtle trees, creating a very picturesque location for wedding photos.The Maison Lafitte has been home to only a few families for the past 100+ years. Only recently has it been converted to a reception hall by Clark Hebe and Brett Davis. The home was built over 120 years ago. According to long time resident of Maison Lafitte, Mary Frances Cairns, her great-grandfather Thomas Johnson bought the house in the early 1900s. The house stayed in the family until 2000, when she sold it to the Hazel family. Cairns states that the home was built by Ms. Prudhomme, who along with her husband had built several homes in the area. The home on Lafitte St. was where the couple chose to live. Shortly after it was completed, Ms. Prudhomme’s husband died, and Ms. Prudhomme decided to reside at one of their smaller residences. This is when Cairns believes that the home was sold to her great grandfather. Over the years, the Johnson’s modernized the house, and made it into the home it is today.

Source: The St Tammany News

The Maison Lafitte property and historic building is available to book special events, weddings , receptions , engagement parties , rehearsal dinners, fund raisers , corporate events, birthdays , anniversary parties, etc..

Please contact Sara A. Sinclair at 985.778.2045 to book The Maison Lafitte property and historic building.

Maison Lafitte, located at 402 Lafitte Street, is a building listed on the National Register of Historic Places. All event services held at this location are provided by 402, LLC and/or one of its preferred vendors.

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